New Release Book Review: Limits by Susie Tate

About the Book

For as long as she can remember Millie has had her limits. Staying within them keeps her isolated, safe; helps her to cope. Why then have they started to feel so stifling? Why is her loneliness starting to rival her fears?

When she watches him she wishes she could be normal; she wishes she could be like the people he interacts with so seamlessly. Pavlos Martakis is her complete and total opposite: physically intimidating, likable, naturally attractive, extremely confident, sexually promiscuous: the most uninhibited, charming, outgoing and free person she has ever encountered in her life. He fascinates Millie; thrills and intimidates her in equal measure.

But, as the culprit behind the invention of her nickname Nuclear Winter, Millie knows that if Pav feels anything for her it is more than likely contempt. Cold, boring, robotic: that is how the rest of the hospital sees her. So she can safely watch him from afar. He would never notice her … would he? 

My Thoughts

I have highly enjoyed all of Susie Tate’s books to date but Limits is above and beyond any of her other books. It’s marvellous!

Millie is the type of heroine that brings out a variety of emotions. I wanted to dive into the book so I could be her friend, her support and just be a person she could rely on. My heart was breaking for her, knowing how her social anxiety manifested and turned her into a woman many went out of their way to avoid. It (figuratively) killed me! The author could have taken the easy way out and created an angsty, morose character. Instead we get a clearheaded person who is under no illusions about herself. What she is missing is the support and skills to get her out of this current life of hers.

And Pavlos. Where do I start? He is wonderful! I really enjoyed his personality, his take on life and his realisation that there is a lot more to Millie than meets to eye. Above all, I appreciated the author creating a flawed human who did not sweep in to rescue the heroine, but a man who went out of way to help Millie help herself. Yes, the big blockhead has some seriously idiotic moments but ultimately his love for Millie steers him in the right direction.

There’s a fantastic cast of secondary characters that all add to the story. It’s hard to pick favourites but Rosie and Gammy deserve to be singled out. Their interactions with Millie are always filled with pure love.

The author again brings her knowledge as a GP into play in the hospital setting. The technical information enhances the plot but it’s pitched at an easy to understand level.

Last, but definitely not least, Limits is a wonderful love story. The genuine attraction and feelings Millie and Pavlos had for each other were wonderful to read. On the surface, they are poles apart in so many ways but they are true soul mates. I love that they found each other.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

About the Author

I'm a general practitioner and when I'm not working I'm looking after my four yummy boys under nine (okay well one is actually over 39 but it’s the mental age that counts!). Although I work in primary care now I have certainly done my time in hospital medicine over the years and worked in a variety of medical and surgical specialties. 

Maybe it’s a bit strange for a doctor to be writing contemporary romance, but I thought I could use my experience to write what I hope are funny, occasionally bittersweet stories and give people a behind the scenes look at hospital medicine.

Of course these books are a works of fiction, but I promise that you really can cut the testosterone in some cardiology and orthopaedic departments with a knife, and I thought they would be fun places to set my stories. 
Goodnight is my only novel so far not set in the medical world and is a little darker than the rest.