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Book Review (+ Author Giveaway & Excerpt): THE HIGHLANDER’S HELLION by Eliza Knight

Celebrate the release of 


the latest in the Sutherland Legacy series by USA Today Bestselling Author Eliza Knight!

“Just when you think you found you favorite book, Eliza brings out another in The Sutherland Legacy, and WoW!... It has Grim MacCulloch, who is so divine you could eat him, and Greer Sutherland, who’s got so much sassy it’s addictive.”—Goodreads Reviewer

“Eliza Knight is such an incredibly talented author who has written so many good books. Every time I read another book from her I'm shocked because she always manages to make it better than the last. I really enjoyed the chemistry between Greer and Roderick.”—Goodreads Reviewer

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Title: The Highlander’s Hellion
Author: Eliza Knight
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: November 20, 2018
Publisher: Knight Media, LLC
Series: Sutherland Legacy

About the Book
Lady Greer was a hellion from the moment she could walk. So, when the young woman is forbidden by her father, the Earl of Sutherland, to sail, she steals a boat and rows it out into the firth anyway. But her relaxing jaunt turns into so much more when a storm ravages the chill waters and the prospect of death is soon upon her.

The last thing Roderick MacCulloch, Laird of Gleann Mórinnse Castle, expects to find while out scouting his property is a soaked lass upon his shores. When she demands he take her back to her clan, he recognizes her as the mischievous lass who taunted him at a festival when they were children. Roderick realizes this might be his chance to have a bit of fun and give Lady Greer a taste of her own medicine

But Roderick’s chance at revenge turns into a merry chase across the Highlands that leads them both to unexpected passion, perilous danger…and maybe even love.

Available in ebook, print and audio!

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THE HIGHLANDER’S HELLION by Eliza Knight was such a fun read. It’s a mix of sweet, saucy and swoony. There’s also some added suspense to make things even more interesting. I don’t often read books set in the 13th century, but this book is a reminder that I should.

Greer Sutherland’s exploits land her on a beach owned by Roderick MacCulloch’s clan with only her dog and an oar from the boat she was on before rough weather hit. Roderick discovers her and immediately recognises her; not only did he once contemplate what Greer might be like as a wife but she also has the distinction of having speared him through the thigh a few years ago. Yes, it was accidental but he hasn’t forgotten as the injury still causes him pain.

 I loved both Greer and Roderick. Greer is lively, witty and energetic. She understands the realities and harshness of the highland way of life but is happy to be indulged and cared for by her family.  As laird of his clan, Roderick carries a large amount of responsibilities but underneath it all he is a kind and caring man. He may be called ‘Grim’ but a few run ins with Greer soon leave him feeling lighter than he thought possible.

As Roderick escorts Greer across the highlands to her home, it gives them an opportunity to clear the air – apologies for spear wounds, you know – and to get to know one another. There’s plenty of chemistry and banter to be had.

The writing was well paced and I appreciated the somewhat artless nature of the characters – it fit within the time period. This was not a time for coyness and tentativeness. Roderick was unpretentious and decisive in his actions as laird, and Greer was open and sincere in communicating her wishes.

THE HIGHLANDER’S HELLION was a wonderful read, and now I need to decide which of the author’s books to read next.


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Copyright © Eliza Knight 2018

Warmth surrounded Greer, cocooning her in a decadent cloud. She snuggled closer to the heat, smiling in her sleep.
Something niggled at the back of her brain, as though she were trying to remember something important. What was it?
And then she bolted upright in bed, recalling exactly what she was supposed to remember. She’d nearly drowned.
She jerked around to face the wide-eyed gaze of a man—a very handsome man—but still a man!
“I’m naked,” she gasped, pressing her hands to her breasts to hide them from where the blanket had fallen.
“Aye.” The voice was gruff, filled with sleep and grumpiness.
She felt him slip from the bed, unable to make eye contact with him. Oh dear heavens…
The chamber was completely unfamiliar to her. Not one at her own castle. Not one at any castle she’d ever been to. The wood floor was bare of rushes.
Weapons lined the wall, and there was a single wardrobe beside the chamber door. To the left of the hearth were a small table and two large chairs. Chairs fit for a giant. Or from the looks of the man she couldn’t bear to view just yet—chairs fit for him.
The shutters over the window were closed, so she couldn’t get a good look outside to perhaps judge from the landscape where she was. Which meant she had to rely on the stranger whose bed she’d been in. Naked.
She wouldn’t have thought last night, as she floated in the darkened sea, that her situation could get any worse. But it would not be the first time she’d been wrong.
“Where am I? Who are ye?”
“Ye dinna recognize me?” He sounded surprised.
Greer squeezed her eyes shut. Had she drowned and gone to Hell?
“Are ye naked, sir?” she squeaked.
“As the day I was born.” Why did he have to sound so gleeful?
Greer fell back on the bed and pulled the blanket up over her head, feeling her face heat with shame. She could die now. Right now would be fine. Somehow, she’d managed to drown herself and had either become a man’s mistress or married him without her knowledge. Either way, her da was going to murder her, and her mother would be heartbroken.
“Bring me a sword,” she croaked, her voice coming out muffled with the thick pile of blankets on her face.
Even still, he seemed to have heard her. “Are ye going to finish me off then, lass?”
Finish him off? “I canna comprehend what that means right now, but I do plan to finish myself.”

About Eliza Knight

Eliza Knight is an award-winning and USA Today bestselling author of over fifty sizzling historical, time-travel and contemporary romance novels. Under the name E. Knight, she pens rip-your- heart-out historical fiction. 

While not reading, writing or researching for her latest book, she chases after her three children. In her spare time (if there is such a thing…) she likes daydreaming, wine-tasting, traveling, hiking, staring at the stars, watching movies, shopping and visiting with family and friends. She lives atop a small mountain with her own knight in shining armor, three princesses and two very naughty puppies.

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New Release: SEDUCING THE SCIENTIST by Riley Cole

Today we are celebrating the release of the second book in THE RESTITUTION LEAGUE Series by Riley Cole. This series includes REJECTING THE ROGUE and SEDUCING THE SCIENTIST and both titles are available now. Check out the buy links for each book below.


—Meet the Restitution League— They’re thieves. They’re rogues. They’re well-armed for adventure.

The crew of the Restitution League fights injustice while wrestling with love and desire and the occasional throwing knife.

One blazing romance at a time…


SEDUCING THE SCIENTIST by Riley Cole - Available Now!


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  A woman who disdains love collides with a man who lives for passion. Explosions ensue. Ada Templeton believes in science. She believes in chemical reactions and experimentation and old-fashioned common sense. She’s far too clever to be seduced by a rake like Edison Sweet. Con artist, liar, self-taught inventor, Edison Sweet, uses his hard won skills to help others. When he’s not saving unfortunates swindled by Victorian London’s criminal classes, he loves women. A great many woman. Over Ada’s objections, Edison agrees to guard her latest invention from a mastermind willing to kill for it. He never expected to be intrigued by the lovely widow whose body he finds as exciting as her mind. Their chemistry is impossible to ignore. And impossible to trust. Stalked by a brilliant killer, will they concoct a formula powerful enough to mend two broken hearts, or will love elude these two stubborn inventors?



REJECTING THE ROGUE by Riley Cole - Available Now!


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Thieves make the best rogues. And the worst heartbreakers. Philomena Sweet, Victorian London’s finest safecracker, knows it better than most. The worst rogue of them all, dashing jewel thief Spencer Crane, smashed hers long ago. And now he’s back, fleeing danger from their past. Danger he won’t survive without her help. She’d love to refuse, but she can’t leave him for dead. Spencer Crane would sooner steal costume jewelry than ask talented, wickedly bright Meena Sweet for help. But revenge stalks them both. He needs her artistry. She needs his skills. Neither needs the desire that sparks to life between them. While they dodge criminals, carriages, and the occasional flying cabbage, who will protect these two notorious thieves from each other?




Riley has a long fascination with all things Victorian. She loves the peculiar mix of science, mysticism and innovation that collided in the Victorian Era.
To say nothing of bustles. Bustles and elaborate hats and parasols. Parasols for rain. Parasols for sun. And parasols that morph into swords…of course.
Sadly, Riley has little use for umbrellas in the dry foothills of the Eastern Sierra, but she consoles herself with forest hikes and dips in cool mountain lakes. Besides—no matter where one resides—a proper cuppa never comes amiss.
If you enjoy a little high adventure—and a lot of desire—with your historical romance, delve into Riley’s version of late Victorian London.
Thieves, rogues, and love await…

For more information about Riley, please visit her website, “like” Riley on Facebook and follow her on Twitter. Sign up for Riley’s newsletter to be notified about upcoming releases. She’s loves hearing from her readers. Email her directly at riley@rileycole.com.

Riley’s Jack’s House releases include Rejecting the Rogue and Seducing the Scientist from the Restitution League Series.


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New Release + Author Giveaway: ACCEPTING AERIN by Tinsley Sellers

Title: Accepting Aerin (A Beckley's Daughters Romance Book Two) 
Author: Tinsley Sellers 
Genre: Contemporary/ Small-Town Romance 
Release Date: November 16, 2018 
Cover Designer: Better Together (Matthew & NJ Getson) 

Former Chicago Cubs third baseman Chet Coakley needs a quiet place to write the last novel in his best-selling series.
When a freak accident ends his baseball career, Chet finds his second chance writing a series of retro-detective novels. He's on a deadline and can't afford a distraction-especially not in the form of a vivacious blonde innkeeper who challenges everything he believes about himself.
Professional chef Aerin Buckholtz owns a vintage lodge and fifteen cabins on a secluded lake in the Michigan woods.
Betrayed by her best friend and self-conscious about her appearance, Aerin believes that romance isn't meant for her. She's building her business-and working to earn good reviews seems safer than admitting her attraction to a handsome former athlete who feels far out of her league.
Can Aerin and Chet learn to see themselves through each other's eyes and accept a love neither one saw coming?


Tinsley Sellers grew up in Chicago, spending her summers with her grandparents in a tiny town a lot like Beckley, Michigan. Life took her to Arizona, Washington, and Idaho before she finally found her home in Arkansas. She is married to the most amazing and supportive man, with whom she has rescued three dogs and two cats. When she's not writing, she teaches physics, astronomy, and engineering at the local university. When she’s not teaching, she’s probably trying new recipes. She enjoys fast cars, loud music, and long books.

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Book Review (+ Excerpt & Author Giveaway): A NOVEL CHRISTMAS by Lynsey M. Stewart

Would a man that didn't believe in romance inspire my greatest love story or leave me with unfinished chapters?

Title: A Novel Christmas
Author: Lynsey M. Stewart
Release Date: November 16, 2018

Go to an island, my publisher said. Reclaim your writing mojo, he added. Be inspired, he suggested. Oh, sexy shenanigans, was I inspired. Drew Carolla would do that to a woman. Reclusive and brooding, an ex-pilot-come-sexy-woodcutter-come-luxury-wedding-venue-owner-come…here.

Writing romance doesn’t come easy when you don’t have a muse, and I was on a deadline. Four weeks to write my next bestseller or face being dropped by my publisher. Thankfully, watching Drew chop wood, sweaty and shirtless, soon had the words flowing like water through Cornish coastline rock pools.

But Drew had his own stories to tell. Why did his luxury wedding venue no longer host weddings? Why did he scoff at the idea of romance? And why, despite that, did he look at me like he wanted to wake up on Christmas morning and find me naked in his bed?

Conundrums. Drew was full of them. Too bad I wasn’t writing psychological thrillers.

Would Drew Carolla, a man who didn’t believe in romance, inspire my greatest love story or leave me with unfinished chapters?


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A NOVEL CHRISTMAS by Lynsey M.  Stewart was a delightful read. Firstly, it ticks the boxes for reader looking for a romance book that celebrates the holiday season: Cold weather and someone to snuggle with, delicious food, fitting decorations and trips to take in the splendour of Christmas events.

And then there’s our couple, Caroline (Cal) and Drew. Yowsers! The attraction between them is magnetic. Given their circumstances, their hesitation in coming together is understandable but propinquity and an abundance of feelings sees them fascinated with one another.

I thought Cal was a great heroine. I thought she was strong; she was prepared to reveal her vulnerability but refused to be exploited. I appreciated both her and Drew’s openness when talking to each other. As hurtful and confusing as they may have felt, it was never as a result of everyday miscommunication.
As pleasing as Cal’s character was, the star for me was Drew. This is the second book in a short period of time I’ve read where there’s somewhat of a role reversal in a romance novel, and I am loving it. Here it’s Drew that’s been significantly burned by his previous relationship; he’s the one doing most of the doubting about his ability to not only love again but place his trust and love in a woman and, in turn, give her everything she needs. His uncertainty and indecision often incenses Cal but he is always coming from a place of authenticity.

I have enjoyed the author’s previous books but this is one is definitely my favourite to date.


I had set the alarm for 7:30 am. I wanted to get a good start on outlining and possibly write some words that involved more than just planning sexytime scenes. I jumped in the shower, dried off my hair and put on some make-up before changing into a pair of comfy black trousers and a slouchy sweater. Perfect writing uniform. The fire had stopped burning during the night and it was colder than an igloo on the North Pole. I put more wood on the burner before I went to bed, unsure of what to do to keep the cottage warm for the morning. It hadn’t worked. I made a note to ask Drew how to stop chilblains from forming on my feet. It was a typical December day. Grey skies, a chilly wind. Freezing. I made myself a cup of tea and found myself humming, ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas’ as I fired up the laptop and opened the curtains.

Drew had told me the previous night that the view was amazing. I’d been looking forward to seeing it in the light this morning as I knew this was going to be my writing spot for the next month. I looked across the fields rolling along the skyline. The tops of the barns were poking through, and as my eyes dropped, I saw Drew, his flannel shirt unbuttoned to the navel…swinging an axe.

Ping! A decision was made.

My male lead came to me in the swing of an axe. He was going to be a shirtless woodcutter, strong and muscular. Robust and fit. Looking after the land. Alpha-male dominance. Romance trope heaven.

‘Holy mother of fudge,’ I said as I blew away the steam from my tea. It misted up my reading glasses and I smudged my finger over them like a windscreen wiper. He looked up like he’d heard me, wiped his arm across his head, slow-motion style and still glistening from the man sweat of good honest hard work. He waved before cutting a block of wood like it was as natural to him as giving out a smouldering look.

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Lynsey M. Stewart enjoys writing stories about characters that experience a few bumps in the road before finding their happily ever after (also known as contemporary romance with plenty of heat.) She lives with her husband, her soulmate and muse, along with their gorgeous, precious, ridiculously independent little girl. Lynsey began writing after being inspired by great books, amazing writers and wonderful stories that she couldn't stop thinking about long after reading the last word. If she’s not writing, you can usually find her with her head in a book or singing along to music. She’s hopeless, but she enjoys pretending to be Adele every once in a while.

Book Review: RISING STAR by Susannah Nix


Alice Carlisle has problems.
Her sociology Ph.D. dissertation is going nowhere, she’s about to lose the TV extra job that’s been paying her bills, and her roommate is kicking her out. She needs to find a new place to live ASAP, so she can focus on finally finishing her doctorate.
Enter Griffin, one of Hollywood’s rising stars, who offers to let her move into his guest room if she’ll dog sit for him. Four months rent free in a nice house with an adorable dog is an offer Alice can’t turn down—even if she has major qualms about her movie star roommate.
Griffin Beach has it all.
He’s gorgeous, newly jacked, and poised to make the leap from TV show regular to box office superstar. Until his dog sitter bails, leaving him desperate to find somebody he trusts to look after his precious fur baby.
Enter Alice, the extra who’s never seemed to like him but loves his dog. Griffin has his doubts about the arrangement, but living with Alice opens his eyes to how empty his workaholic lifestyle has become. The more time they spend together, the more he realizes she might be exactly what he needs in his life.
Can Alice let her guard down and learn to trust again? Can Griffin stop trying to please everyone else long enough to show her how he feels? Will they get their Hollywood happy ending? Or will their love story bomb at the box office?

Get your hands on RISING STAR now:

✦Google Play http://bit.ly/2D4jzU1 

My Thoughts

RISING STAR by Susannah Nix takes us into the world of Hollywood stardom. It’s the story of Griffin Beach, whose acting career is ascending, and Alice Carlisle, a doctorate student who also works as a TV extra to make money.

I think the author writes well and she did a great job in portraying the Hollywood lifestyle and the issues Alice experiences in the academic world.  As interesting as these worlds were, I struggled with this book because on the whole I found it more bleak than uplifting. Griffin and Alice were continually portrayed as isolated and insecure. It did not help that they didn’t even acknowledge they had feelings for each other until well past the halfway mark. When they do come together there is some wonderful chemistry between them and I revelled in the time they spent together as much as the characters themselves did, but these times were often overshadowed by other stresses in their lives.

This Rising Star and I were just not in alignment this time around.   

About Susannah Nix

Susannah Nix is the author of quirky contemporary romances about smart women and swoony men, including the Chemistry Lessons series of romcoms featuring STEM heroines and the Starstruck series of movie star romances. She lives in Texas with her husband, two ornery cats, and a flatulent pit bull. When she’s not writing, Susannah enjoys reading, cooking, knitting, watching too much television, and getting distracted by Tumblr. She is also a powerlifter who can deadlift as much as Captain America weighs.

Book Review (+ Author Giveaway & Excerpt): THE HIGHLANDER’S HELLION by Eliza Knight

Celebrate the release of  THE HIGHLANDER’S HELLION,  the latest in the Sutherland Legacy series by USA Today Bestselling Author Eliz...