Friday, 2 August 2019

Book Review: A KISS FROM A ROGUE by Elisa Braden


All she wants is an ordinary life
A cruel past left Hannah Gray with one simple longing—normalcy. Normal ladies ride and waltz without fear. They have safe, normal husbands to give them safe, normal kisses. After years of healing, she’s ready to find “normal” for herself, and Lady Wallingham’s house party is the perfect place to begin. Perfect, that is, except for the cynical wolf-in-rogue’s-clothing whose every hungry glance threatens to crack her armor and pierce her fragile heart.

All he wants is to forget her
Bow Street runner Jonas Hawthorn vowed never to see the cold, haughty Miss Gray again. A year ago, he nearly died trying to protect her, only to be dismissed like a lowly servant. But soon, he’ll have land and servants of his own. He just has to locate an old dowager’s stolen goods, collect his prize, and avoid the beauty who haunts him like a moonlit sky.

All it takes is a single kiss
He never meant to touch her. She never meant to reveal the truth. But once he’s tasted the heat and longing hidden beneath her icy mask, the only mystery this Bow Street man burns to solve is how a roguish wolf might win the elusive Miss Gray for himself. 


" Always remember ... whomever you choose to stand by your side stands upon the same ground as you. Whatever you do to undermine that ground likewise undermines you. Whatever you do to strengthen it likewise strengthens you. " 

Hannah Gray and Jonas Hawthorn both come with their own scars and burdens. As horrific as some of these experiences were, I appreciated their attempts to move beyond the bad. I found myself cheering for Hannah and Josh as they strove to push through barriers, and worked towards a better future and I felt the book was balanced in its portrayal of people significantly impacted by past events.

The romance between Hannah and Jonas was a wonderful mixture of passionate, sweet, awkward - that proposal - and hilariously funny – again that proposal.

As this is the final book in the series, many characters from previous books make an appearance. As welcome as they would have been by fans of the series, I never felt they overtook the storyline. They all played a needed role and provided both amusing and touching scenes when the question of relationships, love, and marriage arose.  

Here’s where I need to confess. This is the first book in the series I have read. Do not ask me how I get myself into these situations, but never fear! The story never lost me and Braden does a good job in avoiding major spoilers from other books in the series. I may be slow to jump on the Elisa Braden bandwagon but at least I can look forward to reading the rest of the series.

A KISS FROM A ROGUE by Elisa Braden was an engaging and entertaining read. I really enjoyed it.

Advance Review Copy courtesy of author


Reading romance novels came easily to Elisa Braden. Writing them? That took a little longer. After graduating with degrees in creative writing and history, Elisa spent entirely too many years in “real” jobs writing T-shirt copy ... and other people’s resumes ... and articles about giftware displays. But that was before she woke up and started dreaming about the very unreal job of being a romance novelist. Frankly, she figures better late than never.

Elisa lives in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest, where you're constitutionally required to like the colors green and gray. Good thing she does. Other items on the "like" list include cute dogs, strong coffee, and epic movies. Of course, her favorite thing of all is hearing from readers who love her characters as much as she does.

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