Book Review: TELL ME YOU LOVE ME by S. Ann Cole


It was supposed to be an easy job.

Serena Bentley doesn’t want or need a man.
She’s got the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect bank account, and is living her best life as a single, independent woman. #LivingMyBestLife

But she’s in desperate need of a baby. A baby made from lust, passion, and multiple rounds of heated rumbling in the sheets, not a clinic.

This, of course, is nothing short of complicated. Where does a woman like *the* Serena Bentley find a man who’s willing to knock her up then walk away and be gone forever?
So what else can she do to get what she wants, the way she wants it, except to lie?

Two years ago, Kholton Sharpe hung up his con-man gloves and swore to the almighty he was done with that life. #NotAboutThatLife

Until his best friend, fresh out of rehab, shows up on his doorstep. Against his better judgment, Kholton finds himself picking up his con-artistry gloves one final time.

He couldn’t have known that “one final time” would be the best and worst decision he ever made.


TELL ME YOU LOVE ME by S. Ann Cole is going on my Top Reads of 2018 list. I loved it! It is cleverly plotted, the dialogue is witty, the pacing is spot on and it’s gloriously outrageous.

Serena Bentley and Kholton Sharpe are both educated, smart and are focussed on the things they want; they want things from each other but voicing their wishes is not part of the cunning and duplicitous games these two are playing. But don’t go feeling sorry for our protagonists because they match each other very well and us readers get to observe a fabulous cat and mouse game as these two try and outwit each other.

As much as I loathe the word in romance books, this book really did make me smirk. I did feel a level of conceit knowing more than Serena and Khol did at times. Yet with the many swindles and tricks, the author still managed to outsmart me with her devious plotting.

And let’s not forget the romance! The vulnerability, the genuine feelings and sexual tension between Serena and Khol starts strong and intensifies continually, deliberately until they are slowly driven out of their minds. Gah! It’s all just oh-so-good!!!

This book is the ultimate in seduction for a reader like me. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


S. Ann Cole is an exaggerator, a laugher, sometimes overly chatty, sometimes overly shy. She’s afraid of cats, dogs, snakes—heck, she’s only tolerable to gold fishes in a tank.
She hates fireworks, schmaltz and arrogance.
She loves carbs, full moons and humility.
She lives nowhere and everywhere.
Jokey people are her favorite people to be around, as laughter is the way to her heart.

When Ann’s not abusing her computer keyboard, you can find her nosing a novel, watching anything on television that makes her laugh until she breaks into hiccups (loves Disney, TBS, and Impractical Jokers!) studying the Bible, or sipping red wine.