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New Release Book Review: NOT QUITE PERFECT by Rebecca Norinne



Rebecca Norinne

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About the Book

I can’t believe I met the perfect man ...
On the ferry to my mother’s wedding, I met the most amazing man—his love of Faulkner notwithstanding. Professor David Carstairs was funny, intelligent, and had the sexiest hands I’d ever seen.

A conversation about classic American literature led to a romantic dinner at his house ... and then a whole lot of dessert afterward. I’d never done anything like that before, but what we had was something special.

Unfortunately, everything came crashing down the next day. Because my supposedly perfect professor? His dad just married my mom, and now he’s my stepbrother!

Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot more complicated.

I’ve finally found the perfect woman ...
En route to watch my father marry yet another young gold digger, I met the perfect woman—her hatred of Faulkner notwithstanding. Victoria Witherspoon was kind, witty, and had the most kissable lips I’d ever seen.

We spent the day together, and then stayed up all night exploring each other’s bodies. I don’t do relationships, but for someone as perfect as Victoria, I was ready to make an exception.

If only her mom hadn’t just married my dad, putting the object of all my fantasies firmly in the “off limits” category.

And I thought the holidays were awkward before.

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My Review

Sweet-Mother-Of-All-That-Is-Holy, I need a Professor like David Carstairs in my life … pronto! He is confident. He is erudite. He is gainfully employed. He looks after himself. He is s-e-x-y. He has manners. He is not afraid to voice his feelings. And when he lays eyes on Victoria Witherspoon and their attraction ignites, he becomes a man on a mission to win the woman he loves. He is the thinking woman’s crumpet and I want a bite out of him.

Yet there’s that pesky issue of David and Victoria falling for each other before they discover that her mum and his dad are getting married … making them step-siblings. And it all becomes a bit awkward and problematic when there’s opposition to the union.

I did initially wonder about the angst/taboo level but the book does not go down a dark path. No one is disputing that David and Victoria are not siblings and there is no legality to stop them being together, but I understand the awkwardness such a situation could bring and I think the author’s done a great job of presenting this storyline in an entertaining and humorous way.

I thoroughly enjoyed Victoria and David’s story. It’s a delightful story of two adults acting like adults and working together to overcome the familial opposition they face, and, of greater consequence, their own relationship fears. Their conversations are meaningful, the sexy times provide plenty of zingy feels and their love for each other just oozes off the pages.

Bring on the next Rocky Cove book!


About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Rebecca Norinne writes sexy romance from the heart. Her heroines are bold and headstrong, and her heroes will do anything for the ones they love.

When not banging away at the keyboard, she is watching rugby, enjoying a pint of craft beer, or trolling Pinterest for pictures of pretty houses.

Originally from California, Rebecca currently resides in a small coastal town in Northern Massachusetts where she and her husband are renovating an antique colonial built in the 1700s and trying valiantly not to be eaten alive by mosquitoes.

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