Thursday, 31 May 2018

Book Review: Rules of Engagement by Annie Dyer

About the Book

 A top, workaholic lawyer. An independent, ambitious marketing executive. Neither was looking for anything more than a hook-up, so what happens when a hook-up leaves them hooked - on each other? 

Jackson Callaghan leads his family's London law firm by example: work hard then work harder. Surrounded by his six siblings he's never needed the commitment of a relationship and is more than happy with his poker nights, occasional one night stands and owning the roads on his Harley until he meets Vanessa Moore.

Vanessa has no interest in anything other than growing her marketing company and breaking all ties from her ex. The contract to rebrand Callaghan Green is her chance to showcase her talents, not end up in Jackson Callaghan's bed, on his kitchen work top and his sofa, amongst other places. He's rearranging her world and she's not sure she doesn't like it.

But can two independent, ambitious workaholics ever manage to work things out for each other, and with something possibly more important at stake: their hearts? 

My Thoughts

Engagement Rate was an enjoyable story. For the most part, it’s a straightforward romance with no contrived miscommunications.

I liked Jackson and Vanessa. I found them interesting as individuals and as a couple. Their romance may be quick in calendar terms but it did not feel rushed. I liked that as busy professionals, they found time to be with one another. These pockets of time were not just about the sexy times, but about getting to know one another. Their conversations about everything and nothing felt real, and their willingness to expose their vulnerabilities to one other made for a great relationship.

The book also introduces us to Jackson’s many siblings, and a cast of what I assume may become main characters in later books. The dynamics of working together and playing together seem to suit this family. Importantly, they all are portrayed as individuals with unique personalities. I am personally looking forward to reading more about Max. And a special mention for Vanessa’s Gran; she was a fun character, and I wish we got to see more of her.

What really lets this book down is the poor editing and proof reading. I often found myself jolted out of the story, and the multiple errors made for a frustrating reading experience.

About the Author

Annie lives in the north of England, not too far from the amazing city of Manchester. She is owned by several cats and many hens, narrowly avoiding being a mad cat woman by enslaving a very understanding husband. She’s an avid reader of many genres and if she’s not writing a book, she’s usually reading one!


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