Book Review: Waiting For The Sun by Robin Hill



Be the butterfly, Frankie… 

Francesca Valentine would rather swear off chocolate than go on vacation solo, but she made a promise to her late father to come out of her shell and live a little. When her best friend bails on their annual girls’ trip, she vows to do just that, but her plan is foiled when the hotel loses her reservation. Alone and stranded in Austin, Texas during one of the world’s largest music festivals, she's rescued by a mysterious stranger, and an unexpected friendship blossoms.

Ten years after losing his family in a tragic accident, Darian Fox is finally back on his feet. The onetime rock star turned successful indie label-owner is content with the isolated life he’s created for himself and wants to keep it that way. But when he’s forced to travel to Texas on behalf of his company, he finds it’s hard to be alone in a city overrun with people. He meets the beautiful, magnetic Francesca and discovers alone is the last thing he wants to be. 

The unlikely pair form a bond that elevates them from merely existing to living a life less ordinary. But the lines of friendship quickly blur, and when Francesca’s true feelings surface, Darian will have to decide between breaking her heart and breaking the promise he made to the family he lost. With his own heart ruled by guilt, does Francesca even stand a chance?

…Spread your wings and fly. 

WAITING FOR THE SUN is part one in a two part duet. Part two, RIDERS ON THE STORM, to follow. Due to mature content, both installments are recommended for readers 18 and up.

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My Thoughts

I thoroughly enjoyed Waiting For The Sun. I am further impressed that this is Robin Hill’s debut book. It’s impressive!

After tragedy strikes in different ways, Darian and Francesca are alone, both having lost their immediate families. A chance meeting at a music festival finds them spending time together and embarking on a tentative ‘friends with benefits’ arrangement. There is a definite connection between them but as twenty one year old Francesca is finally letting herself spread her wings, Darian continues to struggle with survivor’s guilt ten years on. He places rules and conditions on their arrangement in an attempt to control his growing feelings but this just confuses Francesca.  The more time they spend together, the more it feels like a romantic relationship but Damian’s – at times – hurtful words say otherwise.

I found the book to be sensitively written. Both characters and their situations are treated with compassion without becoming maudlin. Darian and Francesca’s past lives are moving to read about but beyond this, I was cheering for them to heal and move forward with each other.

The book ends on a ‘happy for now’ note with Darian and Francesca’s story continuing in book two, Riders on the Storm. I can’t wait!



​​​​​​Robin Hill spends 75% of her day writing, 30% reading, and a good 25% hanging out with her husband whilst simultaneously stalking random people online. She’s terrible at math. She loves wine. Coincidence? Maybe.

She also loves to cook, eat cheeseburgers, listen to The Doors, and watch Jeopardy. She hates flying and blue cheese, and she's not too keen on treadmills. She believes in aliens but not ghosts. And she dream casts Josh Duhamel in every book she reads.

Robin hides out at her Texas Hill Country compound with her husband and their little poodle princess, Alice Malice.