Sunday, 4 March 2018

Book Review: Let Me Be Your First by Lynsey M. Stewart

About the Book

Elle Davis is a hopeless romantic, an epic daydreamer, and best friend to party girl Abi. Oh, and she’s also a twenty-three-year-old virgin. She has always dreamed of love at first sight and the fairy-tale ending; however, as the burden of her virginity increases, so does her sexual curiosity…

In her mission to find Mr Right, Elle inevitably stumbles across Mr Wrong. Following a chance encounter with a colleague, she decides to take the first steps…

Luke Simms is funny, sexy and cocksure with as much baggage as the lost luggage department at Heathrow airport. He doesn’t do commitment, but he does offer Elle the experience she craves. 

Ben Newman is romantic, witty and drop-dead gorgeous. He is also chasing the fairy tale. But after a string of dating disasters, he’s ready to give up on the dream and end the search. 

Find out if Elle saves Luke Simms from his mission of self-destruct or if she ends Ben Newman’s search for his fairy tale…

My Thoughts

Let Me be Your First is definitely a romance but it’s also a lovely coming of age book focusing on the heroine, Elle Davis.

I really enjoyed Elle’s journey. For such a young woman, she capably handles the responsibilities of her job as a social worker. Romantically, she’s inexperienced in so many ways and she knows it. Elle’s self doubt is evident – even to her – and that self realisation is what kept me interested and applauding her efforts.

Action does take place in the book but the focus is more on the thoughts, feelings and realisations the characters go through. Elle’s mum, along her friends Abi, Gem, and Kate are a great support network and help her work through her concerns. And Ben’s grandmother is hilarious!

The two men in the book, Luke and Ben, both give Elle something she needs in her life. Sometimes the lessons are painful – you have to kiss a toad before you find the prince, you know – but ultimately Elle’s experiences lead her to finding Mr. Right and a happy ever after.

About the Author

Lynsey M. Stewart is a UK based writer. She lives with her husband, also known as her soulmate and muse, along with their gorgeous, precious, ridiculously independent baby girl. Lynsey began writing after being inspired by great books, amazing writers and wonderful stories that left their fingerprints on her heart.

Lynsey's background revolves around helping, advocating and supporting children, young people, and their families. Her Monday morning mantra is: ‘If no one likes my books, I can always continue with the day job…’

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