Book Review & Release Blitz: Tuesdays at Six by KJ Lewis



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  To say his life has been turned upside down would be laughable at best. In a business where people's livelihoods depend on the decisions he makes every day, Walt Nelson never wanted a life built around anyone but himself. With a fiancΓ©e equally versed in self-centeredness, he is living the life he created, until the call that changed everything. Forty-eight hours later, he buried his best friend and became the guardian to his two daughters. Forced to admit his life is no longer just about him, he hires his brother's personal assistant in a moment of desperation. His goal, to survive this new normal until he can arrange a boarding school for the girls. The last ten years have kept Samantha Abbott in an endless cycle of regret and sorrow as she slowly rebuilt a life she never wanted- a life alone. When her boss's brother offers her a job that solves her money troubles, her only goal is to put her past behind her. What she gets is a head-on collision between a loss she has yet to survive and a love she doesn’t think she deserves.  


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My Thoughts

Tuesdays at Six is an emotional, tug-on-your-heartstrings read.

This book, written from a male point of view, takes us on the journey of Walt as he struggles with grief of losing close friends and assuming responsibility for Zinnie and Poppy, the two orphaned daughters.

Walt’s life has been turned upside down. He is admittedly selfish, and was focused on a life that leaves no room for children. In this turmoil, he makes the rash decision to hire Samantha as the girl’s nanny, leading to a further upheaval of his life in ways he never imagined.

Samantha may not be a professional nanny but she understands grief and what it means to have no family. With her direction, this group of strangers slowly work towards understanding each other and what it means to be a family, even if this family has no blood ties.

The attraction between Samantha and Walt is immediate, well to us readers it is, but their romance is a slow burn as Samantha begins to lower her emotional walls while Walt gradually realises that he no longer desires the life he once thought he did. And when they get together they are hot.

I found the writing and character development to be well balanced. Walt’s a work in progress throughout while Samantha remains a mystery for a large part of the book. The revelations of her past life provide the catalyst for all characters to think about the meaning of love, forgiveness and family.

This was a great read and I highly recommend it.


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KJ is a novelist, hot tamale-addict, and an abolisher of grammar. When not writing, you can find her reading at the beach, exploring New York City, or hanging out in her hometown of Memphis, TN. She started hitting Amazon's top 100 lists with her first novel, Taylor Made, in 2016. She is currently working on the next installment in the Sunday Love Series.


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