Audiobook Review: E is for Eva: The Alpha Ladies by Monica Landia

About the Book

“I smiled at his description and thought of all my friends. We were all strong women; alpha women. Some of them just didn’t know it yet.” 

E is for Eva introduces our friends. 

Her story: 
“I’ll take care of you.” No one had said those words to me in years. I take care of other people. 

I love to help people, but not in the usual way. I do research and foot work for two detective and private security agencies. 

Over the years, I have met some interesting and wonderful people. Some of those people have become my closest friends. Others? 

Well, let’s just say they’ve gotten exactly what they deserved. But when I wake up drugged and confused, I’m suddenly the one in the need of help.

My Thoughts

Given its shorter length, this book does a great job of solving a mystery, giving us a romance between Eva and Lane as well as providing sufficient background for the other Alpha Ladies that makes me want to read their stories.

I listened to the start twice because I thought I misheard. In no way was I expecting Eva to act in that manner given she was coming out of a drugged state and had lost parts of her recent memory. If you can get over the unexpected start, you’ll find a smart, intelligent women using her skills to discover who drugged her and why.

There was nothing grandiose about her detection methods but all her research and the clues came together well to deliver a believable story.

The romance between Eva and Lane is both steamy hot and sweet. At first glance, the differences between them might seem great but I found them more similar than not and a well suited couple.

There are flashbacks to the past which help us get a complete picture of Eva. She is presented as a clever and confident woman. She is not portrayed as belligerent or aggressive as I sometimes find strong women are. She just is who she is. I appreciated this.

I found Meghan Kelley’s narration entertaining. Eva’s voice has a throaty quality which fits the character. The male voices are deep and there is a distinct voice for each of the characters.

I asked for a review copy audiobook and have voluntarily left this review.

About the Author

Monica Landia is the author of the new series: The Alpha Ladies
Twitter: @MonicaLandia

About the Narrator

After 10 years of being on the other side of the business as a Franchised Talent Agent, Meghan decided to pursue her own performance aspirations. She has now been a full time Voice Actress and Musician for almost 9 years! Meghan is a versatile actress who draws from a huge emotional pool bringing a variety of characters to life.