Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Book Review: Free hostage by S Ann Cole

About the Book

My name is Timberly Day. I don’t drink, but I do know things.
I know the heart beats over 100,000 times per day.
I know for every one second, lightning strikes the Earth 100 times.

I also know that Jaxon King—the bloody tosser!—is a muddler.
A manipulator. A liar. A con, a thief...and a closet nerd.
He’s as beautiful as innocence, as harmless as a feather.
Except, it’s all an illusion.

I see him and I see lies. I smell him and I taste deceit.
And still—fool that I am—I rush in.
His eyes are like ice. His tongue is like fire.
His lies are white, but his touch is red hot.

I had the chance to run.
I didn’t.
Now, I am a part of the game.
And the only way to win...is to give in.

My Thoughts

"You smell like games and lies and knavery and immorality."

I am on a roll! S Ann Cole joins a short list of new-to-me authors whose books I have thoroughly enjoyed.

With a title like ‘Free Hostage’, I’ll admit I was expecting something BDSM-ish and that’s not my jam. The blurb, however, had me hooked. Anyone who describes the hero as a ‘bloody tosser’ is someone I want to learn more about. And that’s Timber. Jaxon is the tosser in question.  

This book does a great job in showcasing some very smart people. They are smart and devious and use their knowledge to conduct illegal activities. Not the murder and gore kind, but they type of clever crimes you want to watch movies about - like art theft. Well, at least I do.

Timber may have catapulted off the intelligence level charts but she is clueless about some things, especially romantic relationships. She has never had romantic feelings for a man until she is first mesmerised by Jaxon’s eyes. And the way they first meet? It’s the best! And no, I am not going to spoil it for you.

Timber’s inner dialogue offers a great read. For such a practical person, she is having many impractical thoughts. Her reasoning and coping mechanisms when faced with the mysterious Jaxon have her acting in all manner of ways. And they’re all unfamiliar to her.

While we as readers see that Jaxon is attracted to Timber, he is also the definition of man-of-mystery. Unexplained absences, ambiguous conversations and conflicting actions all have Timber in a spin.

Added to all this is a great cast of secondary characters – some deserving of their own books – and plenty of sexy times makes this book such a fun and unusual read.

I am not trying to be cryptic but this book deserves to be read with as few upfront spoilers as possible.
"Kiss me they’re watching."

About the Author

S. Ann Cole is an exaggerator, a laugher, sometimes overly chatty, sometimes overly shy. She’s afraid of cats, dogs, snakes—heck, she’s only tolerable to gold fishes in a tank.

She hates fireworks, schmaltz and arrogance.
She loves carbs, full moons and humility.
She lives nowhere and everywhere.
Jokey people are her favorite people to be around, as laughter is the way to her heart.

When Ann’s not abusing her computer keyboard, you can find her nosing a novel, watching anything on television that makes her laugh until she breaks into hiccups (loves Disney, TBS, and Impractical Jokers!) studying the Bible, or sipping red wine.

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